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Breaking News -29th October, 2023
Logging in Bulga Forest suspended until May 2024

This is excellent news. It means our collective concerted efforts have kept this forest from being logged for a whole year, and now, into the next one.
Congratulations to all those involved in building the citizen science records of Greater Gliders and Koalas.
Big thanks to Matt Bailey for his detailed report of our findings.
We aren’t going anywhere.
We will stop them in 2024.
Bring on the Bulga Greater Glider National Park!

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Updated, 30th October, 2023. We need you, still.

Logging has been suspended in Bulga State Forest on Biripi country- twice! Please join us so we can permanently Save Bulga State Forest on Biripi country. The action by the community here in Bulga Forest has so far forced Forestry Corporation to temporarily delay their plans to destroy the Bulga forest.

The new year will no doubt bring different opportunities and challenges. We know that the climate extremes will continue to manifest and that   biodiversity is on a downward spiral. We know too that our creativity, determination and joy has been a really effective tool for keeping Bulga  forest standing. May there be more of all that in 2024. 

This is a small win, however we are a small community and really need your solidarity. Keep updated by subscribing to our newsletters. There will be some more face-to-face meetings and skill shares. We’ll continue to gather together for citizen science sessions, tripod making and climbing skills, forest craft, signs and banner making, family activities, info nights, dance and more.

There have also been many Greater Glider sightings and there are many more to find. If you are interested in doing a ‘den watch’ let us know. It involves watching a particular tree hollow at dusk to see if a glider emerges.

If you can’t come in person, amplify our voice, share our posts, contact politicians, check out @SaveBulgaForest on Facebook, or  email [email protected] for more info. 

Camp suspended

What do we want?




    • Ask Forestry to permanently cease logging operations in Compartments 41 & 43.

    • Add compartments 41 and 43 to Biriwal Bulga National Park


End all Native forest logging 


Call for major reconsideration of Forestry practices in NSW to be genuinely ecologically sustainable in current environmental/climate context

Campaign News

Gliders Galore in Bulga and Dingo State Forests

Gliders Galore in Bulga and Dingo State Forests

Gliders Galore in Bulga and Dingo State Forests

The resumption of logging in Bulga State Forest north of Taree appears to be imminent with the Forestry Corporation again closing the forest to the public. Logging was halted there in early 2023 due to sustained pressure from Save Bulga Forest.

Forestry Corporation has an aversion to transparency. They don’t consult on their logging plans and they certainly don’t want people seeing the damage being done to the heads of the catchments of the Hastings and Manning Rivers.

The logging will cause major damage and likely lead to the deaths of Koalas and Greater Gliders, both endangered and both known to be living in the area.

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Diary from the Bulga Forest

Bulga forest Diary Wednesday

Bulga forest Diary Wednesday

The Allocasurina torulosa (Forest Oak) is flowering at the moment. The first photo is the female flower. The second is the spores on the nearby male tree. The last is a cone on the female tree from last season.

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Treesit Diary from the Bulga Forest