Bulga Forest Protectors Mapping Resources

How to get forest maps and logging plans

The Forestry Corporation is required to display their ‘harvesting’ plans.

Their website is https://www.forestrycorporation.com.au/

https://planportal.fcnsw.net/ shows where they are logging, and are planning to in future.

The list of plans is at https://planportal.fcnsw.net/Plans They want you to ‘Sign Up’ an account to download the plans. You can ‘subscribe’ to any plan that they are preparing, then you’ll receive an email any time the status of that plan changes. It’s good that plenty of ppl do that, so they know we’re watching.

Each Approved plan has several .pdf files, the harvesting map is the one with ‘HPOM’ in the name, and the ‘LocalitySafety’ map shows the wider area, to help in getting there. (The .tpk is the map they use in their iPads with specialised mapping software, not for us).

The .pdf maps can be printed, but even better, you can save them into your phone or tablet, and then a mapping app (like Avenza) can take them in and give you a live display of where you are on their plan.

The maps are free at the Avenza Store https://mapstore.avenza.com/vendor/6233/folders/

No need for mobile coverage once it’s in there, it’s all done in your phone:)

You can have 3 maps at a time in Avenza free version.

The maps show where they are allowed to log, and where they (might) have found a threatened species, etc. You can record your own observations, waypoints, photos, tracklog, etc and share with others.

The instructions for the logging are in the ‘Harvest Plan’, but there are plenty of other documents that spell out what they are supposed to do. Get in touch if you need those.

HP_BULGA_041_043_2021 is the current plan of interest.

KOKOMERICAN is the 1:25,000 Topographic maps sheet the logging is on. There’s a free version at the Maps Store too!