Falls Camp Info/Invitation


We need you. Logging has started in Bulga State Forest on Biripi country just down the road from our home.

This is an invitation to come join our small community

Come to our base camp set up in the Ellenborough Falls camping ground and help our small community resist the logging of our precious forests.

We are inviting as many people as possible to camp from January 6th  to help us halt logging in the Bulga Forest.

It will be safe, fun, peaceful, respectful and life-changing.

Our base camp is in a lovely public site with some shade, near a river with exquisite swimming holes. You will need to bring a tent, warm clothes, swimming gear, headtorch, a raincoat, battery pack and food but we will set up a camp kitchen and hope to share meals. There are toilets nearby.

We are preparing a variety of actions to stand in defence of our precious Bulga forest. Our resistance is peaceful and non-violent but we are prepared to be arrested to #SaveBulgaForest if we need to.

There are also many creative and non-confrontational ways to be involved that won’t risk arrest like making cuppas, creative prop making, minding camp, holding signs and we need photographers, storytellers, film-makers, social media magicians, media peeps and worker and police liaisons. We need cooks and carers. We need scouts and labourers. We need musicians, poets, celebrities, politicians and all people of good heart!

So come if you can and stand with us. We are a small community and really need your solidarity.

If you can’t come in person, amplify our voice, share our posts, contact politicians, check out @SaveBulgaForest on Facebook, www.savebulgaforest.org or  email [email protected] for more info.

Directions are simple: Search for Ellenborough Falls, it’s on Tourist Route 8 if you’re coming from the Pacific Highway.

Join us at the Community Camp:

Ellenborough Falls, Elands, NSW, 2429

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