Day 3 Diary from a treesitter in the Bulga State Forest


Nanna Koala Not Coming Down from her Tree Just Yet.

Nanna Koala Lola* perched on a tree platform high in the Bulga Forest inside the area to be logged, says she is not coming down just yet.

Yesterday the logging moved to an adjacent area, Forestry is claiming as a plantation, but they have not given any assurance that the area near Lola’s tree will not be logged.

“It’s a small win” Lola said, “but they could come back here next week.”

Lola has spent a couple of peaceful nights high in the canopy, in a favourite koala food tree, a Tallowwood.

‘Lola’ is a grandmother in her 60s. She has grown up with an intimate connection to the Bulga forest, as her family has long had property in the area.

“I’ve decided to climb and stay in this tree as long as I can, to protect this native forest from being cleared. This is amazing forest – old trees home to many animals, some of whom are already threatened and endangered.

“We must defend what remains of our native forests. I am here so my grandkids can enjoy the same beauty and quality of life I have.

“I want them to see koalas, to see big trees, to experience rainforest. I am really concerned about climate change and to reduce the severity and impact of a changing climate we must protect our forests”, ‘Lola’ said.

*Lola is a pseudonym. She will remain anonymous as long as possible to avoid arrest.

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