Breaking – Media Release – Wednesday 2nd August

Camp for Koalas

The Save Bulga Forest action group will set up a camp today to conduct more searches for Koalas, Yellow-bellied and Greater Gliders, Glossy Black Cockatoos and other threatened species.

“We had a camp at the end of May. There was a huge amount of interest with about 10 people camping and as many coming out for day trips,” said Sharyn O’Dell, a spokesperson for the group.

“The results were extraordinary. In the areas of Bulga Forest that had not been badly burnt we found evidence of Koalas in several areas. As well as actually seeing four Koalas.

“But it was the number of Greater Gliders that we saw that just blew us away. The area appears to be a stronghold for the species.

“Currently the area is planned for logging. Logging would see many of the trees the Gliders use damaged or removed. It’s an absolute outrage that this is being done and subsidised by NSW taxpayers,” she said.

“The government owned logging company, Forestry Corporation has done no pre-logging surveys for Koalas or Gliders. They also haven’t looked in the extensive areas of the forest that were burnt to see how many animals survived. The logging is driving these precious, unique animals towards extinction. The Greater Glider is endangered because its population is estimated to have crashed to only 20% or one-fifth of what it was only a decade or so ago.

“Most people actually think our native forests are protected. They have no idea at the destruction that is going on. Governments talk about Species Recovery Plans and no more extinctions, but it’s just talk. What’s happening on the ground in the forest is year after year of degradation. And after they log it they burn it, often damaging many of the trees that are left behind.

“We’re hoping if we can demonstrate that these forests are strongholds for endangered species, they might get some kind of reprieve, and the logging will stop,” Ms O’Dell said.

The camp will be at the Dingo Tops Campground in Tapin Tops National Park from Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 5th August.