I have woken up in the clouds! Still mist diffused with bird chatter. Yesterday two king parrots whizzed right by my head so fast. Their bright orange stunning after days of greens. I knew the drone was coming to get a photo so mosquitos in my ear had me reaching for the koala suit. When it did come and I hugged the tree I felt a pulse enter me & give such reassurance in its steadfastness. Nature is so with us in our battles to protect her, when you need support go hug a tree. I’ve not seen a person for 4 days now but I have a little lizard living with me in a hollow. He recharges in the afternoon sun which is the only time I can warm up too. The tree is such a great air con I need a jumper all day but I can get down to skin with the lizard. The afternoon sun is still hot. Yesterday as I sunned I was graced with a lyrebird concert for ages, I could hear him scratching way down there as his song moved through the undergrowth. So many familiar bird calls but usually from the canopy. Someone asked what kind of owl I hear dawn and dusk. Phone couldn’t capture it but its a rising long mmmm then short lower mmm, 3 times. I heard the glider again but need to learn the difference between sugar or squirrel. I naively thought I’d be on a Vipassana retreat but I didn’t factor in the phone! And I want to finish Humanity’s Moment before I land and life takes off….The predictions are dire but the saddest part for me is the huge loss of nature.
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Join us at the Community Camp:

Ellenborough Falls, Elands, NSW, 2429.

Directions are simple: Search for Ellenborough Falls, it’s on Tourist Route 8 if you’re coming from the Pacific Highway.

Google Maps PIN Link here

If you can’t come in person, amplify our voice, share our posts, contact politicians, check out @SaveBulgaForest on Facebook and instagram or share our website: www.savebulgaforest.org