“WHY? Why is native forest like this still being logged?

Bulga tree-sit Diary Day 8

The tree sit is just below level of mist/cloud at dawn. There is a bird call which sounds like a woman’s cough & sigh. l was out exploring the branches when l happened to look down and saw a lyre bird doing his dance on a mound (there are heaps of lyre birds in this forest at the moment) anyway l think he might have been an interloper – another male chased him off.
WHY? Why is native forest like this still being logged? Why is there no comprehensive plantation system set up after all these years & the huge land holdings which Forestry Corp controls? Why do taxpayers fund the destruction of our forests (Forestry Corp runs at a huge loss)? Why?


Join us at the Community Camp:

Ellenborough Falls, Elands, NSW, 2429.

Directions are simple: Search for Ellenborough Falls, it’s on Tourist Route 8 if you’re coming from the Pacific Highway.

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