Giant machines are tearing down our native forests, destroying critical wildlife habitat, our life-giving water catchments and our precious carbon sinks.


Send a letter to a politician, demand an end to native forest logging!

Use our pre-made letter template as a guide to email a list of politicians that we have assembled to make the process easy for you.

With the NSW state election on March 25, you have an urgent opportunity to stop this reckless destruction for good, to protect our native forests for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

The Bulga Forest on Biripi country is just one example of this greedy destruction by the NSW Forestry Corporation that the NSW Government allows, but there are so many special places being razed to the ground. We need to speak out for them all.

Despite widespread and ongoing opposition to native forest logging in NSW, and the Western Australian and Victorian governments already committed to transitioning out of public native forest logging by 2024 and 2030 respectively, the NSW Government continues to subsidise and destroy the habitat of many vulnerable and endangered plants and animals such as the Greater Glider and the Koala.

Forests breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. They are the lungs of the earth. They are the best known technology for carbon capture and storage. Older, larger trees store the most carbon.

The older the forest, the more animals and insects it feeds and shelters, the more water it stores and releases, the more desirable it is to visit.

ALL of these values are diminished by logging. Will you help us stop this madness? 

The NSW election is on the 25th March. Will you demand our representatives end this horrific practice, hold them accountable to the voice of the people?