Media Release September 7th, 2023
National Threatened Species Day Rally and March

National Threatened Species Day is being held on  Thursday, September 7, 10am. There will be a Rally and March from 10am at Fotheringham Park, Taree.  We will celebrate their existence and mourn their slide towards extinction.
Koala, Greater Glider, Masked Owl, Yellow-bellied Glider and Tiger Quoll will join us.

“Australia’s iconic fauna and flora are in big trouble. One of the main causes of their decline is habitat loss and habitat fragmentation.

“Here in the Manning Valley we have several shocking examples where government is subsidising that destruction. 

“In Yarratt State Forest, logging is destroying an area of forest where koalas live. Logging is due to start soon in Kiwarrak State Forest, badly burnt by the 2019 bushfires and far from recovered. The area targeted for logging is the area nearest Tinonee and the area where  there are the most koala records since the fires.

“In Bulga State Forest, logging is about to recommence in one of the region’s strongholds for the Greater Glider.

“If the destruction doesn’t stop, our grandkids are facing a world where they are unlikely to see any of these animals in the wild. That’s a sadder, quieter world. One I don’t want for my grandkids,” 
said Sharyn O’Dell, spokesperson for Save Bulga Forest.