“After a few days living up high,

I feel attached to my rope lifeline”

Bulga tree-sit Diary – Day 6
The end of my post yesterday got lost in space. I was saying that reading the climate science reinforces the imperative to save all nature that remains as there are so few healthy eco-systems & that’s what’s needed to help right the imbalances we’re creating. It’s a joy to simply be here, away from the ‘to do’ list. I see all that’s being done to engage others in action. At the camp people being together in nature to protect our forests mayrealign lives too. We are happier when we connect with others in nature for the good of all. After a few days living up high I feel attached to my rope lifeline. I automatically slide the prusiks up & down as I move around. It’s a reminder that nature is our lifeline providing our basic needs. Just turning up is all it takes, observing and listening. My lizard friend surprised me stretching out of a hole to catch the morning sun. I didn’t want her to be disturbed so I sat still watching. She showed me her friend on the next trunk by looking that way. Not moving much up here has made me ache. A bird song with rising pitch became music to slowly lengthen my spine as I watched Lizzy. Then I found myself singing her a silly song, she seemed less flighty so I came closer for a photo which she graced me with. I was delighted,she had so much character. Last night after dusk I heard scratching and looked up to see a possum emerging from a hollow. Then I recalled being woken in the night by a possum at my head. He’s been very polite and left my food alone. It’s wondrous to be able to see his luscious long tail swinging in the dim light as he climbs high to find his dinner. I wish I could climb like him or fly like a kookaburra who zoomed past. All I can manage on my wobbly, sloping platform is sunset tai chi. I got stopped looking east by a mysterious pillar of light on Elands plateau, so tall and bright, like a tree trunk burning for minutes, then suddenly gone. I asked via chat what was going on and was told it’d be the phone tower reflecting the sun. So logical but I was in awe, in the mystery all around me here.



Join us at the Community Camp:

Ellenborough Falls, Elands, NSW, 2429.

Directions are simple: Search for Ellenborough Falls, it’s on Tourist Route 8 if you’re coming from the Pacific Highway.

Google Maps PIN Link here

If you can’t come in person, amplify our voice, share our posts, contact politicians, check out @SaveBulgaForest on Facebook and instagram or share our website: www.savebulgaforest.org