Bulga Tree-sit Occupied for 50 days
Media Release February 26, 2023

Today our tree-sit marks 50 days of continuous occupation. It is has seen rain, hail and some wild winds.
The tree-sit was installed in the first week of January, in the Bulga State Forest. It is in the area that was proposed for logging, but which, as a result of our actions, has been suspended to date.
We know that if we weren’t here, in the tree and in the camp at Ellenborough Falls, Forestry Corporation would have resumed logging.
Our presence is letting them know that we haven’t gone away and that we are ready to actively resist a resumption of logging in Bulga forest.
People around the country have been captivated with the daily Tree-sit Diary. Some days we have had almost 2000 people read the diary entry, which is published on the savebulgaforest.org  website, Facebook, Instagram and now Twitter.
Philosophy and attention to nature’s details is what makes it so enthralling. The movement of ants, the yipping of the sugar gliders, the dance of the lyrebirds on the forest floor, all these have significance when you are living high in the forest canopy.
Day starts before daybreak and the dawn breaks in the distance. Some days it is a cloud forest, with almost zero visibility. At night there is no artificial light and so many stars twinkle in the gaps between the branches, winking on and off as the breeze moves the leaves.
Perhaps if we all got to spend some time in the arms of such an ancient being our respect for nature and the world around us would temper our consumption and the desire to always have more.
In the end, there is nothing. Just being.

More info here: https://savebulga.wpenginepowered.com/help from home

Join us at the Community Camp:

Ellenborough Falls, Elands, NSW, 2429.

Directions are simple: Search for Ellenborough Falls, it’s on Tourist Route 8 if you’re coming from the Pacific Highway.

Google Maps PIN Link here

If you can’t come in person, amplify our voice, share our posts, contact politicians, check out @SaveBulgaForest on Facebook and instagram or share our website: www.savebulgaforest.org


and please sign the petition https://savebulga.wpenginepowered.com/parliamentary-petition/